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About Us

ManSims, Inc. is a Denver, Colorado-based business dedicated to being the next evolution in Management Simulation-based training.  ManSims, a qualified minority-owned small business, was formally incorporated in August, 2003 after being born out of Omega Management Education Group.   Omega has been a pioneering force in the Management Simulation market since 1989.  Omega’s Founding Father, Don Simasko, has been our mentor, and indeed, our Guiding Light, and despite his recent retirement to go home and paint, continues on as a valued advisor.  Many of us at ManSims worked for Don at Omega and owe much to that time.

ManSims maintains offices and staff in the Denver area, but ManSims is also an extensive network of highly trained and experienced Workshop “Guides”, Associates, Subject Matter Experts and Affiliates with local presences across the country.

ManSims delivers the highest quality, highest impact Management Simulation Workshops available.  These Workshops are well known pillars in the Project Management and Leadership & Change Management fields.  If Management Simulation-based training is new to you, we highly recommend reviewing our page on Why Simulation Makes It Different.  ManSims is also growing to meet new market opportunities, where complex business environments are perfect for applying Simulation technology and training techniques.  Our formerly offered example of this is the Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Workshop, providing unique capabilities to speed business proficiency in the new Corporate Governance requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 that became absolute mandates.  Watch us as we match other demanding environments with this superior approach, or let us author a custom simulation for you.


ManSims is driven by a few simple principles.  Our efforts must add value to our Customers, or we don’t do it.  And those Customers must recognize that value, or they don’t pay.   That’s the basis of a long-time commitment to Our Guarantee, if you don’t think you received full value for any services, simply cross through the amount on the invoice and pay for what value you feel you did receive.

We live to help people become more effective in their work, and we’re passionate about it.  More effective employees better meet the challenges of their work, and are happier doing it, improving their quality of life.  All of this is to help organizations to maximize their return on their primary investment, their People.  ManSims helps People use their talents and abilities to their fullest, and everyday, they are helping visionary organizations achieve breakthrough results.



ManSims Guides have a long lasting relationship with many of our Clients, often providing Workshops for numerous Corporate Divisions or even Worldwide organizations.  A sampling of our Client List includes:

3M Company Best Buy Company
B.F. Goodrich Aerospace Canadian Pacific Railway
Cargill The Coca Cola Company
Colorado Department of Transportation City of Aurora, Colorado
Digital Equipment Corporation E G & G Rocky Flats
Eli Lilly and Company Georgia Pacific Corporation
GMAC-RFC Hartford Life
Health Partners Hewlett Packard
Honeywell Inc. Honeywell Home & Building Control
Honeywell Satellite Systems Operation Horizon Airlines
Johns Manville Corporation Lockheed Martin Astronautics
Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Mailwell Envelope Company
Motorola Nortel
Northrop Grumman Norwest Bank / Wells Fargo
Pillsbury / Grand Metropolitan Prestolite Wire Corporation
Safe Sites of Colorado Seafirst Bank
State of Minnesota Storage Tek
Target Corp. TIAA-Cref
University of Minnesota US Telecommunications Training Inst.
US West Communications Westinghouse


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