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Leadership and Change Management Workshop

Today’s Challenging Business Environment.  What a cliché, eh?  After decades of downsizing, rightsizing, acquisitions, buyouts, spin-offs, and off-shoring, who’s surprised that much of the American workforce is less than optimally motivated?   And if any part of your job involves trying to get the most out Employees, Co-Workers or Teams, well, we want to help.  It’s funny that with all of the upheaval we’ve been through, this is still the most overlooked Skill Development area for Managers.

All of ManSims’ Simulation-based Workshops build-in Soft Skills, where participants learn how Interpersonal Relationships and their management can have equally important impacts on other aspects of business.  The Leadership and Change Management Workshop is centered in this Skill Development and offers the opportunity to really grow in this area.  And here, our Simulation works to set up dynamic environments that let you practice these skills.

Experience a leadership challenge where creating teams, leading people, and meeting goals are uniquely combined to help Leaders and Managers of all experience levels improve their Leadership and Change Management skills.

Leadership and Change Management Workshop. In teams of four, participants actually lead a simulated real-life team through an unwanted change.  They learn what it feels like as they make real decisions and get real feedback.  They learn from their mistakes and their successes.  The work is practical, engaging, intense and challenging.

Real leadership can be learned, but only through experience.  Books, tapes, and lectures can teach some of the accepted traits, but can only take you so far.  This workshop, featuring a simulated leadership challenge, is a realistic experience.

Key Learnings

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for anyone who must achieve results through Teamwork and Leadership.  It is uniquely valuable for Leaders and Managers and, because of the depth of the Soft Skills in Interpersonal Relationships, is equally useful to Individual Contributors and Team Leaders.  The learning is immediate, long-lasting and applies directly to your job.

What It Costs

The Two Day Workshop cost is $1,100 per Participant if you’re attending one of our Public Workshops.  We have a Schedule of Workshops that is offered in a variety of cities, which changes regularly.  Have a whole Team you want trained, trained now, and want to save the travel costs?  Call us and we can schedule a Private or Semi-Private Workshop in your city or at your facility.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) Credit

ManSims is a partner of Fissure Corporation, a Registered Educational Provider (REP) Charter Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and this Workshop qualifies for 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for those Project Management Professionals or Professionals in Training.  For more information, please see our page on Continuing Professional Education.

Click here to download Registration Form ( pdf).


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