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Project Management Workshop

Project Management.  It’s part of what defines us as unique amongst species.  The ability to conceive of and carry out complex new ideas.  All of us are Project Managers at some level on a daily basis, and Project Management has been with us from the dawn of civilization.  Over the years, some among us have invested heavily in understanding how to be good at it.  The Team at ManSims has been hard at work advancing the ability to transfer both the art and science of Project Management, so that others may become more expert.

That’s where a ManSims Project Management Simulation-based Workshop comes in.  It’s a proven tool that can dramatically improve a Project Manager’s abilities.   Do we teach the theories and use of good, integrated Project Management? You bet, but the difference is in the Simulation.  The Simulation component has participants work through an actual Project Implementation, putting the knowledge, skills and techniques learned to work in a real life setting.  You don’t just learn What to do, you learn How and you Do it.  The feedback loop of seeing the responses to and outcomes of your decisions, repeated on a weekly basis over 21 weeks in the Simulation, is our Holy Grail of Learning.  You’ll make mistakes, without them costing you your (real) job or the Company anything but its (virtual) Project success.  You’ll have directed a whole Project using the new skills, and you’ll be infinitely more qualified to do your next one using your new skills!

Project Management Workshop Our Management Simulations utilize advanced software technologies, incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Heuristics.  There are literally thousands of variations of inputs and no two Simulation runs can ever produce the same results.  A bit like life.  If you are not intimately familiar with the extraordinary facets of Management Simulations, we implore you to review our page, Why Simulation Makes It Different, and understand more how powerful a learning environment is woven into a Simulation.

In the ManSims Project Management Workshop you not only learn, but practice, the best of Project Management lessons, including Control Measures, Risk Management, Resource Smoothing, and Teamwork skills.  Our Workshops are run by an experienced simulation Guide with serious industry credentials, meaning folks that have been Professional Project Managers for years.  The depth of the experience of our Guides are reason enough to be there.  The Workshop also offers the opportunity to share experiences amongst participants, if not in the Workshop, during lunch or dinner breaks.  And at the end, Teams share and discuss the results of what decisions they made in their Simulation, so you benefit from seeing how everyone’s strategy worked.

There is no substitute for real life experience, but a ManSims Simulation-based Workshop comes remarkably close!


The Simulation Pays!

Can you learn to ride a bike by reading the manual?  NASA and the Air Force put their Pilots through extensive Simulations before they ever get to touch the real controls.  Shouldn’t yours?  Simulation works.  Quite simply, it’s the best tool in existence for Accelerated Learning.  The Project Manager Workshop turbocharges its attendees, returning to you experienced Pilots, ready to fly Projects on a rocket-sled to completion.


Who Should Attend

This workshop is for anyone who must achieve prescribed results on time and within budget.  Many of our participants have been Project Managers for many years, even their entire career.  Yet, consistently, they exit our Project Management Workshops with eyes opened to new understandings and an enhanced mastery of techniques.   It is equally valuable for both Technical and Non-Technical Managers and is useful to individual contributors as well as Project Leaders.  The learning is immediate, long-lasting and applies directly to your job.


What It Costs

The Three Day Workshop cost is $1,595 per Participant if you’re attending one of our Public Workshops.  We have a Schedule of Workshops that is offered in a variety of cities, which changes regularly.  Have a whole Team you want trained, trained now, and want to save the travel costs?  Call us and we can schedule a Private or Semi-Private Workshop in your city or at your facility.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) Credit

This Workshop qualifies for 21 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for those Project Management Professionals or Professionals in Training through our partnership with Registered Educational Provider (REP) Charter Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Fissure Corporation.  For more information, please see our page on Continuing Professional Education.

Project Management Key Learnings


Click here to download Registration Form ( pdf).

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