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Custom Workshops

A key focus for ManSims is expanding the use of Management Simulations to new fields. We live in a complex world, and the difference between just another day and a disaster is often determined on whether someone makes smart choices. Simulations help assure that the consequences of some of those choices are understood in advance.

Recent history is ripe with examples, like massive electrical blackouts, where a few simple decisions changed the outcome and ended up costing millions of dollars. The opportunities are extensive for application of a superior learning process, from Nuclear Power to Disaster Response, from Homeland Security to Information Technology Implementation, and ManSims is reviewing all of these and more.

Part of ManSims core expertise is the ability to apply the Simulation Technology and the Learning Process to new subject matter in an effective manner. If there is an application that you see and need, we can also discuss with you developing specific simulations to your subject matter.



Consulting Services

ManSims’ charter is to be open to every opportunity that offers growth, development, advancement, and continued learning, be it for Ourselves, our Associates, or our Clients. If we may be of service in some way, but in a format outside of our normal methods, please let us know. It would be our highest purpose to assist you in reaching your goals.

ManSims Personnel are available for Consulting Services in doses large or small. Please contact us to explore the fit further. Some areas we feel we have expertise in and have offered our services in the past include:


Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Training.Project Management Training. Leadership and Change Management Training.Sarbanes Oxley Workshops.Oxley Sarbanes Training.

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