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ManSims, Inc. is the next evolution in Management Simulation-based training. ManSims is the culmination of 16 years of practice delivering high impact education with these tools in multi-day Workshop formats. Management Simulation, or Business Simulation, utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence and Heuristics in the simulation software and provides a safe environment for participants to practice skills and learn from mistakes. Most of our simulations compress six months of business decision-making and its accompanying feedback into a Workshop, providing what we call “Accelerated Learning”. Further, the Management Simulations present dynamic real life scenarios that classroom training alone can never reproduce, and working through one becomes, by no mistake, an emotionally charged event. Learning retention is extraordinarily high when that emotional component is present.

All of this is intended to provide tools for organizations to maximize their return on their primary investment, their People. ManSims helps People use their talents and abilities to their fullest, and everyday, they are helping visionary organizations achieve breakthrough results.

ManSims provides Management Simulation Workshops in Project Management and Leadership & Change Management. We have invested thousands of hours, bringing together dozens of experts across disciplines to combine the high-powered training environment of Business Management Simulation with the distilled knowledge of Project Management. The Workshops turbocharge their attendees, teaching How, not just What, and allows them to return and put their Projects on a rocket-sled to completion. Our efforts in Simulation training represent just the first innovation in expanding Simulation-based seminar-style training to a wide range of the complex topics that face us in this new world.

ManSims calls itself a Guiding Star. A Guiding Star is a tool that you can choose to use to help in getting where you want to go. It would be our highest purpose to assist you in reaching your goals. Please let us know how we may be of service, and Thank You for visiting

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