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Our Guarantee

ManSims is driven by a few simple principles.  Absolute Customer Satisfaction is one of them.  Our efforts must add value to our Customers, and those Customers must recognize that value, or they don’t pay.  That’s the basis of a long-time commitment to Our Guarantee.  If you don’t think you received full value for any services, or are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, simply let us know what it is, and then request a refund for, or pay only a percentage of our invoice - from 0% to 99%--based on your determination of value.

We believe deeply in our work and the quality that we deliver.  We live to help people become more effective in their work, making them happier doing it and making the Company they’re doing it for more successful.

We succeed when you succeed, and only then, and Our Guarantee speaks to that.


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